Data Structures in C (self-paced)

This essential course in computer science focuses on teaching students fundamental data structures and equips them with the skills to design new structures for specific applications.


Dr. Waleed A. Yousef,
Adjunct Professor,
University of Victoria, Canada.


Kruse, Robert L.; Tondo, Clovis L.; and Leung, Bruce P. “Data structures and program design in C”, 2nd Edition.


  • C Language
  • Discrete Mathematics

Videos & Materials

  • 24 lectures (18 hours)
  • Time-stamped videos
  • Lecture notes
  • Homeworks


  • Discussion groups & TA support
  • TA-human private chat mode
  • No TA-GPT (under construction)
  • Certificate of Knowledge

    Awarded after passing a brief sample exam, which you may attempt multiple times.

    What will you learn?

    This course is fundamental for any computer science student. The main objective is to implement and teach the students the details of basic data structures that are essential for serious programming. By the end of the course, and with the help of assignments, students will acquire the skills to design new structures that are necessary for specific types of applications.

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