Discrete Mathematics, Part I: (self-paced)

This foundational computer science course emphasizes problem-solving and mathematical thinking, covering logic, proofs, sets, and functions essential for a solid theoretical understanding in computer science and related sciences.


Dr. Waleed A. Yousef
Adjunct Professor,
University of Victoria, Canada.


Kenneth H. Rosen, “Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications”, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill.


 No prerequisite.

Videos & Materials

  • 24 lectures (16 hours)
  • Time-stamped videos
  • Lecture notes
  • Homeworks
  • TA

  • Discussion groups & TA support
  • TA-human private chat mode
  • No TA-GPT (under construction)
  • Certificate of Knowledge

    Awarded after passing a brief sample exam, which you may attempt multiple times.

    What will you learn?

    This course is fundamental for any computer science student. Students will learn how to approach problems rigorously and develop mathematical thinking skills, working with pencil and paper before translating their ideas into computer programs. The course will cover various foundational areas of mathematics, including logic and proofs, sets and functions. A solid theoretical understanding of computer science, as well as other sciences, relies on a strong grasp of mathematics. This course is Part 1 that will be followed by other two parts.

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