Get a Scholarship

You can receive three successive scholarships:

1. Free Subscription on Arabsera
We will allocate all the funds received through
sponsorships exclusively towards granting free subscriptions to highly-ranked students, who show high grades on their certificates of completion, and other eligible students.

2. Graduation Project (GP) Supervision
If you continue to demonstrate notable distinction compared to your peers, you will be selected to undertake your graduation project under the mentorship of esteemed professors from leading international universities and industries. These experts, in collaboration with us, will guide you from the initial research phase right through to journal publication.

3. Monetary Prize Upon Excellence in GP
Lastly, if you showcase outstanding performance during your GP and submit your work to a top-tier journal, you will be eligible for a prize of up to $500 (for each student involved in the project).

Research Points for GPs

Will be announced early 2024;

emails will be dispatched